Samantha Ronson’s Medical Crisis

Is Samantha Ronson literally sick and tired of her relationship with Lindsay Lohan?

Life & Style reports that the 31-year-old DJ and Lohan’s main ma’am caused a scare among friends and family Sunday after making a round of frantic phone calls complaining of her physical and mental state.

“She was calling around. She knew she had done something wrong,” a friend tells the magazine. “She’s been suffering from depression and from lack of food and sleep. [Lindsay] has been helping her through this as she has been through it herself two years ago.”

The magazine also notes that doctors were immediately called to Ronson’s home early Sunday morning, but things didn’t seem to end there.

According to TMZ, Ronson—who’s been known to carry a pharmacy’s worth of medications on her person—paid a visit to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles Sunday, with Lohan, 22, following in a separate car.

The reason for Ronson’s hospital visit is unknown, except that it was believed to be a non-emergency and she didn’t stay long. Maybe she was merely handing out presents to sick kids.

Only Ronson can say if her condition is related to the tumultuous relationship with Lohan. Maybe she should take a cue from her partner and not take life so seriously all the time.