Zac Efron Does it for the Kids

Zac Efron has more to give the world than just his stunning good looks.

The 21-year-old High School Musical hunk dropped in at the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA on Friday to spread some cheer—and goodies—to critically ill children.

Efron spent about two hours at the hospital.  While there, he handed out $10,000 worth of toys, including electronic keyboards, Tickle Me Elmo dolls, art sets, board games, and assorted High School Musical products. Zac’s charitable mission was accomplished in conjunction with

“He really spent time bonding with each of the children and their families,” an attendee tells Us Magazine. “The kids were beaming from ear to ear. Some of the kids couldn’t even speak, but they had the widest grins and would sit as close to him as possible.”

When he wasn’t playing show-biz Santa, Efron signed autographs and posed for photos with thrilled hospital staff.

“Zac was super gracious and could not have been more kind and truly happy to be there,” the source adds.

Way to be a good celebrity citizen, Zac Efron! This totally makes up for being caught buying toys that come in plain brown wrappers!