CONTEST: What Is Barack Obama Reading?

UPDATE: A day after Celebuzz presented the world with vacation photos of Barack Obama and his family in Hawaii, we have a burning question:

What is the name of the book Obama is holding in his right hand?

So now we’re turning the mystery over to our readers. The first registered Celebuzz user to find out what the book is and post a link in comments—think Amazon, Borders, the author’s website, etc.—will receive $100.

Hey, see that? Obama’s already generating extra income in a tough economy. Who couldn’t use a hundred extra clams at the holidays?

Remember, you must register with Celebuzz before posting your answer in the comments section (that way we can know where to send your 100 bucks).

So sign up, happy hunting and good luck!


President-elect Barack Obama began a 13-day vacation in his home state of Hawaii on Sunday as he prepares to take over the United States Presidency on January 20, 2009.

And Celebuzz exclusively has nearly 40 historical photos of the incoming Commander in Chief beach-combing with his family.  Check out the Obamas on their first official vacation since Dad was elected to the oval office!

Obama, 47, and his wife Michelle, 44, have been enjoying their break by working out, playing golf and ordering local cuisine, reports the Washington Post.

But from the looks of it, this isn’t exactly the first time Barack has taken to work out. Wearing black shorts and sunglasses, the 44th President was sporting some serious abs as he caught some rays with his wife at an oceanfront estate in Kailua.

Michelle, wrapped in a colorful Hawaiian floral print towel, watched over daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, as they played on the grounds of the estate.

Barack’s half-sister Maya, 37, joined them.

At one point the President-elect put on a gray T-shirt and stepped back indoors holding a book and an orange towel. Can you tell what he’s reading?

The Post notes that the Obamas will be joined by some of their close friends from Chicago over Christmas. This is probably the safest holiday destination around—judging by that security detail.

Check out the full gallery of Obama family photos to see 37 shots of how Time magazine’s person of the year is unwinding before taking over the nation!