Does John Mayer Hate Jennifer Aniston’s Dogs?

Celebuzz | December 23, 2008 - 5:50 am

Oh, no! Is charitable rocker John Mayer in the doghouse with lady love Jennifer Aniston again?

According to the Daily News, Jen’s canine companions might just be driving a scandalous wedge between the inseparable couple.

“John hates Jen’s dogs,” an inside source tells the paper.

The insider also notes that Aniston, 39, had to leave her Corgi-Terrier mix, Norman, and white German Shepherd, Dolly, back in Los Angeles while she’s in New York City with Mayer, 31.

“John also hated [ex-girlfriend] Jessica [Simpson’s] dog Daisy,” the snitch adds.

The irony, of course, is that Jen’s latest film Marley & Me—which opens Christmas day—revolves around a family learning important life lessons from their naughty but adorable dog.

Meanwhile, Aniston’s rep says this all just a case of the Daily News barking up the wrong tree. The handler labels the story of Mayer’s anti-doggie stance “ridiculous and untrue.”

Whew! Or, rather…Woof!