Holly Madison Has a Proposal for Criss Angel

Holly Madison Has a Proposal for Criss Angel-photo

Kendra Wilkinson isn't the only Girls Next Door alum who's in a marrying mood lately.

Holly Madison—who split from sugar-granddaddy Hugh Hefner in October and subsequently fell into the arms of telegenic illusionist Criss Angel—says she's prepared to tie the knot with her magic man.  She will even do the proposing when the time comes.

"I actually made Criss a paper ring, but he won’t wear it," Madison told Us Magazine at the couple's joint birthday party (Angel turned 41 on Friday; Madison turns 29 on Tuesday) at the LAX nightclub in Las Vegas last week. "When he starts wearing his paper ring, I will be the one to propose."

What? A Playboy Bunny, dropping to her knee? Well, obviously, Holly's not a traditional gal.

And that suits her beau just fine. "You know, what Holly and I have is really something that money can’t buy. She is enough for me," Angel told the magazine.

While the two might not be rushing to the altar immediately, they are taking a major step forward this week. Holly and Criss will share the Christmas holiday—which they'll be spending in Vegas—with both sets of parents.

"That will be the first time they all meet," Madison enthuses.

Sounds like a historical summit in the making. Hopefully Holly will remember to wear shoes to the gathering.



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  • Keira

    You know, a while back Criss Angel got into a fight with a guy in Vegas who (unbeknownst to Criss at the time) turned out to be connected to the local mafia. Criss was yelling "Do you know who I am" and was trying to act so cool. Then the other guy said "Well do you know who I am." (I think it was then that Criss crapped his pants [just kidding, am not sure if that happened]). Then Criss disappeared after that for about a year. You won't read about THAT in the local papers LOL...I think Criss had to bribe the guy so the mob wouldn't kill him.

  • Keira

    He has to divorce his previous wife first before he can marry again. Unless Holly would be happy living the polygamist lifestyle.