Luke Wilson Likes a Cheap Lap Dance

Luke Wilson Likes a Cheap Lap Dance-photo

The economic downturn seems to be affecting everybody—even big-shot movie stars like Luke Wilson.

The New York Post reports that the 37-year-old actor was up for a randy time in Austin last week and decided to pop into Austin gentlemen's club the Yellow Rose—which boasts a decidedly un-Scores-like admission fee of a mere $7.

According to a witness on the scene, the Idiocracy star was having a grand, if frugal, time, spending his night "getting lap dances and rocking out." (The club doubles as a concert venue; the night Wilson was in attendance featured heavy-metal fare.)

Hopefully, with the money he saved, Luke floated some hefty tips to the bump-and-grind employees. And here's a tip for him: Famous people should probably don a disguise before heading out for a night at a discount strip club.

But sleazy appearances aside, perhaps Luke was just doing research for his role in the upcoming Middle Men. With a cast including James Caan and Giovanni Ribisi, Middle Men follows the exploits of an upstanding businessman who attempts to make his fortune in Internet porn.


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