Paris Hilton Finally Gets Her Barbie Dream Car

No, that isn’t a giant Mike and Ike chewy candy concocted by a mad scientist to terrorize Los Angeles.

It’s Paris Hilton’s new $200,000 Bentley. In pink.

While most people would feel a little conspicuous about driving around a giant bottle of Pepto-Bismol, the recently assaulted and burgled heiress, 27, just considers the rolling traffic-stopper to be her latest accessory.

The human Barbie doll is seen arriving at Intuition with new reality show-winning BFF Britanny Flickinger. Are the cameras still rolling? How long does Paris have to endure this young woman’s company? Until the MTV check clears? When does Flickinger, 24, get dumped and the sequel starts filming?

Hilton and Flickinger stocked up on everything from hats, sunglasses and boots to dresses and sweaters at Intuition.

Paris is making a good start in replacing some of the $2 million in property stolen from her house early Friday morning.

New developments in the case include a source telling Us that Hilton’s doors were NOT unlocked during the robbery, contrary to newspaper and police reports. The Us story also details exactly what was stolen.

“All of Paris’ diamonds, necklaces, rings, watches, old family heirlooms from her grandmothers was stolen,” the source says. 

The robber was apparently someone who knew the layout of her home very well.

“They have the thief caught on surveillance cameras,” the source adds. “In the tapes the thief knows exactly where to go, almost like he’s been there before.”

Well, that might narrow the investigation down; then again, maybe not.