PCN Recaps Speidi’s Year in the Spotlight

When we look back at Pacific Coast News’ first year of blogging, a few glowing moments come to mind: Elisha Cuthbert drunkenly losing her bikini in Hawaii, Traci Bingham stripping off her clothes to do household chores, and Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas dragging her fiance on countless romantic outings (before breaking his heart).

But the two celebs who seem to take center stage on this snappy west coast blog are, of course, Hills reality stars Heidi Montag and her ‘manager’ boyfriend Spencer Pratt.  Check out PCN’s look-back at the attention-lover’s most precious moments of 2008…and a frightening forecast for Speidi in ’09. 

2008 was, in many ways, the year that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt became household names.  In just 12 months, Heidi launched her fashion line, made Maxim’s magazine cover and “Hot 100″ list, befriended George Bush and Meghan McCain, released three official singles, patched things up with Lauren Conrad, and even eloped in Mexico.  And C’mon, let’s be honest: what would the year have been without the lovebirds bringing us with them to exotic destinations, target practice, birthday parties, grocery errands and mansion hunting?

Now the question is: what does Speidi have in store for 2009?

First off, the newlyweds will expand their media empire when they appear on How I Met Your Mother in January. Then there’s talk of LC passing The Hills torch, letting Speidi take over as reality King and Queen.  I reckon Heidi will churn out a country or a Christian album…and is there a Spencer Jr. brewing inside that concave belly?

Ya can pretty much guarantee that we’ll see drama between Spencer and either: his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, Heidi’s sister, Heidi’s mom, Brody or Lauren.  But will Heidi also enter the ring with her new hubby??  Will “love” last – or will the couple’s vows wash away like two teenagers’ names scrawled in the sand of the Pacific coastline?  Stay tuned!!!