Mariah Carey: Mrs. Claus 2008

The always glamorous and costumy-looking Mariah Carey looked like a sexy version of Mrs. Claus when spotted out Christmas shopping in Aspen, Colorado, Tuesday.

Mrs. Claus, 39, never looked so modern (or voluptuous)! Obviously a pair of boobies is NOT on Mariah’s Christmas list this year.

Carey was seen visiting the Gucci store and a favorite jewelry shop wearing a pair of $700 red Dior ski boots. Mimi was accompanied by her husband, the Christina Milian-shocking Nick Cannon in a color-coordinated outfit.

Carey says that her Christmas in Aspen will be “heightened” because of her new husband, 28. They married in April in the Bahamas and have been inseparable ever since.

“I’m really looking forward to being in love on Christmas,” she told Redbook. “It’s easy to be lonely that time of year, and in the past I just dove into that festive mode with a sort of I-don’t-care attitude. The holidays are always great, but being in love is going to be the icing on the cake.”

Carey is reportedly known as “The Queen of Christmas” by her assistant, and deserves the title for those boots alone.