Most Shocking Moments of 2008

It’s time to look back at the narrow escapes, sudden tragedies and startling revelations that made 2008 a banner year for jaw-dropping celebrity headlines.

Some of the year’s most shocking news was about life and death matters:

  • Heath Ledger had wrapped up filming as the Joker in The Dark Night, and his performance was generating an Oscar buzz unusual for such a franchise film. But the 28-year-old Oscar nominee and father of one was found dead at his apartment in Manhattan on January 22.
  • Tragedy struck Jennifer Hudson, 27, with a triple dose of grief in 2008. Just weeks after she released her self-titled, debut album, her mother and brother were found fatally shot on October 25. The body of Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew was discovered days later.

A few of the most startling headlines had their roots in affairs of the heart.

  • Last April, Songbird Mariah Carey, 39, wed actor Nick Cannon, 28, after a courtship that lasted about as long as the running time of Mariah’s 2001 star vehicle Glitter.
  • Earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston, 39, tossed out fighting words toward husband-stealing Angelina Jolie, 34, in a Vogue interview.

But that’s only scratching the surface of 2008’s stop-you-in-your-tracks news stories. Check out the Celebuzz countdown of the year’s ten most shocking.

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