Jennifer Aniston: #1, Doggone It!

Jennifer Aniston (and co-star Owen Wilson), 39, are #1 at the Christmas box office with their funny/sad dog movie memoir, Marley & Me!

Christmas Day is a big one at the movies, and studios tend to wait until the holiday to release their big winter movies.

The movie took in $15 million at the box office, and beat out films with ex-husband Brad Pitt (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Adam Sandler (Bedtime Stories).

She showed her ex!

This is Aniston’s first big success at the box office in awhile, and goes to show that she can carry a film and perhaps shed her Rachel Greene/Friends image.

It’s also VERY ironic that it’s a dog movie that’s been a big success for Aniston, seeing as her boyfriend John Mayer, 31, supposedly HATES her dogs.

Aniston anticipated her film’s success by dining on Christmas Eve with best friend Courtney Cox, Cox’s husband David Arquette, and their daughter Coco at Mastral’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles.

“Jen and Courteney chatted non-stop,” according to People. “Jen was also very sweet to Coco and the two giggled together.”