Prince William’s Beard Getting the Axe

After causing a divisive Christmas the world over, Prince William is reportedly shaving off his polarizing facial hair.

Sporting serious scruff on Christmas Day with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, brother Harry and father Charles, the Prince of Wales, Will sent fans and blogs running wild over the unkempt look.

At Holiday Mass on the Queen’s roving estate in Sandringham, England, where fans lined up for Royal Watching,  The Sun reports one enthusiast stroked the beard, and one even got to plant a kiss on it!

In the former transaction, however, the 26-year-old son of the late Princess Diana confessed a shave was imminent.

“Not very good,” he told the fan of his cheeks and chin, “It’s coming off.”

Absent from the Christmas festivities was Kate Middleton, also 26, William’s girlfriend of six years.