GoopWatch: How Paltrow Copes With Family

Even with actress Blythe Danner as a mom, director/bro Jake and musical husband Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow understands that dealing with family during the Holiday Season isn’t a song and dance.

In this week’s edition of her lifestyle newsletter Goop, Paltrow, 36, consults several of her bold-faced sages for advice on how to manage family expectations, maintain your own identity and not overindulge in the eggnog.

Among her network of emotional experts, highlights include:

  • The Kabbalah Center’s Michael Berg, who recommends not reacting in moments of conflict, learning something from every scuffle and constant reminders that “no family is perfect.”
  • New York shrink Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes, says all should bask in the “heart” of a family but keep a pal on speed dial to vent and find humor wherever possible.

Celebuzz’s favorite by far, however, are the soothing words of spiritual guru Deepak Chopra:

“What it comes down to is ‘don’t placate’ and ‘don’t struggle.’ They are both futile tactics. If you can get beyond these two common pitfalls, the closeness and love that you have for your family–and they for you–will have space to blossom.”

As if Gwyneth hasn’t given us enough, check back with us next week for Paltrow’s personal holiday detox regime. Meanwhile, check out our full rewind gallery of Paltrow and Family through the years!