VIDEO: Top International Celeb Endorsements

While the Celebrity Endorsement Dollar is certainly prevalent in the US, there’s no place like abroad to sell a star image for a big payday and only a few hours work.

Brad Pitt recently popped up in a Japanese cell phone commercial, manned by indie director Wes Anderson, where the 45-year-old runs amok in a wacky yellow suit and enacts a hazy plotline.

The sight of the Benjamin Button star got us thinking, what are other memorable celeb endorsement moments went down overseas? Check out Celebuzz’s top picks:

Jennifer Aniston, for a German Heineken campaign: with her Rachel Green hair in full force, Aniston is admired from the rear but ultimately left second best to cold beer.

George Clooney, International spot for Martini: A mustached Clooney battles a raven haired babe for the last sip of delicious (what else?) Martini on the rocks.

Ben Affleck, European run for Axe Body Spray’s Click fragrance: Ben ticks off how many heads turn while he’s sporting the sexy scent.


Gwyneth Paltrow, International clip for Martini & Rossi: A smoking hot Paltrow plays  an accidental bartender in the buff.



Do you have a favorite celeb commercial? Tell us in comments!