Balthazar Getty Fired?

Balthazar Getty Fired?-photo

Not only has television actor and oil heir Balthazar Getty made himself unwelcome with his real-world family due to his public scintillation with British terror waif Sienna Miller, but it appears that his small-screen Brothers and Sisters don't want him around either.

Crazy Days and Nights (who broke the news that T. R. Knight was unhappy about his role on Grey's Anatomy) cites Getty's publicist as the source for news of his 33-year-old client's dismissal.

Despite earlier featured roles in such films as Feast and Dirtbags, 17 appearances as Thomas Grace on the J. J. Abrams ABC series Alias, and 60-plus episodes opposite Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field in Brothers and Sisters, Getty was little more than an obscure television actor to most of America until his summer fling with Sienna Miller, 27.

The affair was public and widely photographed and may have led to issues between Getty and co-star Matthew Rhys. Rhys is an ex of Miller and is believed to have introduced the pair, although not with the intention that they hook up. Speculation has tension between Rhys and Getty as contributing to the potential firing.

Still, Balthazar can look back at the pictures and honestly tell himself: You know what?  It was all worth it!



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  • Pammy

    ***hole on the show and an even bigger ***hole in real life! He has a new drinking buddy, Sluttyienna! Well, she did say in one interview "alcohol is like mothers milk to me"!! Ain't love grand, drink and do drugs with a alcoholic and former drug user. I suppose that's her way of controlling him! She couldn't do it any other way. The wife did her best to keep him clean. What a shame to give up a nice family for a sleezy w*** who is just waiting along with her mum for his inheritance to kick in! The show will do well if not better without him!

  • Steven

    He is a drug addict and that was the reason for the FIRING. He was a total ***hole on the show and hated everyone.

  • Georgia

    Balthazar is a freak. He doesn't bathe alot and likes to abuse his animals.

  • Shekra

    he is an ARROGANT ***hole! besides give a role to a starving actor, not some rich spoiled billionaire who parties and sucks at acting.