Daniel Craig Is in the Chips

There are two things that everybody knows:

1) Ruffles potato chips have ridges.

2) So does Daniel Craig’s abdomen.

The Quantum of Solace actor was snapped taking a quantity of down time at  Petit Cul de Sac beach in Saint Barts with friends and a bag of Ruffles. How many other 40-year-old men have a stomach that could distract from Daniel’s icy blue eyes?

Craig’s piercing blues had a long and acclaimed career on the London stage before his steely gaze conquered the big screen as an up-market, highly civilized cocaine dealer in 2004’s Layer Cake.  His macho squint expanded his movie star profile exponentially two years later as the crankiest James Bond ever in Casino Royale. The always slightly irritated swagger Craig brought to Bond carried over into this year’s Quantum of Solace.

But if you really want to see irritation in action, watch out for Daniel’s long-term, 29-year-old girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell if it turns out the brunette sharing his chips in these pics is just an amazing lookalike, and not actually her.

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