Drew Barrymore Is an Iron Maiden Lady

Hey, Drew Barrymore, maybe the reason He’s Just Not That Into You is that he likes a girl who can snuggle next to a cosy fireside while sweet, soft slow jams play.

Drew, 33, is spotted apparently jaywalking across a Beverly Hills street while showing off her Iron Maiden T-shirt. It takes a rare mix of confidence and lowbrow taste in a man to approach a lady who’s into the Iron Maiden. Often such a fellow will be lacking the sophisticated niceties a lady of Drew’s station expects in her suitors.

The Iron Maiden man will have a mullet, and not a wispy fop top.

The Iron Maiden man will wear Doc Martins with his shorts, not tidy socks and athletic shoes.

The Iron Maiden man will not be caught dead in a ribbed, turtleneck sweater.

The Iron Maiden man will not pretend to read Drew’s future in the palm of her hand.

The Iron Maiden man will not stand idly by while Drew makes out with his best dude friend, perhaps with benefits.

But the Iron Maiden man will know how to rock it!