Morning Frills #123: ‘Sevingy Up’ Edition

Talk about Big Love!

It’s always summer somewhere if you’re a celebrity, as evidenced by these shots of Chloë Sevigny lounging with pals on Miami Beach in a sexy paisley bikini.

Chloë, 34, first sprung to our attention as the troubled ex of a serial dater in the gritty 1995 drama Kids. Since then, her dual screen cred and fashion-world presence has permanently cemented the curvy blonde’s “It” status.

Fans of Sevigny are no doubt anxiously awaiting her return as the internally-conflicted Nicki Grant on HBO’s Big Love. The third season premieres January 18, 2009.

But while her character is usually all buttoned-up on the small screen, quench your thirst for a looser, more free Chloë with extra bikini shots in our gallery.

Photos from Mavrix.