Orlando Bloom Does a Dent

With all the swashbuckling action behind him in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings, don’t expect floppy haired Orlando Bloom to flip his wig over a minor traffic incident.

The 31-year-old British-born actor was driving a 2003 Toyota Matrix in Hollywood over the weekend. He was forced to swerve to avoid another vehicle and slammed into a parked Porsche Cayenne, according to TMZ.

The most shocking aspect of the accident must have been the owner of the Porsche seeing Orlando Bloom come out from behind the wheel of a 2003 Toyota Matrix. (The car is registered to Dariusz Wolski, the director of photography for the Caribbean franchise.) Police have determined that Bloom was not driving under the influence, and that paparazzi may have been pursuing him.

Bloom’s rep was quick to issue a statement: “Orlando Bloom is grateful that no one was seriously injured. Bloom called for help immediately following the incident.

“He spent last night at the hospital to be with his childhood friend who sustained a minor neck injury. He is thankful that emergency services arrived so quickly and that the ER staff at Cedars Sinai took such good care of his friend.”

And if Orlando needs a friend to take good care of him, he knows just where to go.