The Jonas Brothers Don’t Want Your Underwear

Does the world think the Jonas Brothers were kidding about all that purity ring stuff?

Sure, 19-year-old Joe Jonas is the type of guy who would break up with a young girl—say Taylor Swift, now 19—in a cell phone conversation lasting less than half a minute. Joe is also the type of guy who maybe had the new, more-experienced girlfriend (let’s call her 22-year-old 10,000 BC actress Camilla Belle) on call-waiting while he dumped Swift. But that doesn’t mean the second-eldest Jonas doesn’t still value his virginity!

Any doubters should study just how quickly Joe’s hand recoils from a bra pitched to him onstage at a concert back in August.  Check out those purity preserving reflexes at the 28-second mark!

Joining Joe and his brothers on stage at the time to help them sing “This Is Me” was 16-year-old Demi Lovato. Despite reports to the contrary, Demi vowed that she would never be caught kissing a Jonas.

Maybe the choice is not entirely hers.