Tony Romo Collapses in the Shower

Hopefully singing country music for the past year has given 28-year-old actress Jessica Simpson an ability to handle emotional complexity.

The Major Movie Star has reason to be sad and to breath a sigh of relief at the same time.  She should be sad because her professional football quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, had its season ended Sunday Night by the Philadelphia Eagles.

And she should breath a sigh of relief because her man seems to be okay despite passing out in the shower after the loss.

“Um, you know, I was just a little banged up, I guess,” the 28-year-old quarterback told the Dallas Morning News.

Pandemonium broke out in the locker room when Romo collapsed.  Frantic players called for help and moved reporters aside so a medical team could reach the fallen warrior with a stretcher.  However, Romo was lifted to his feet and managed to walk on his own to the training room, where he seemed to regain his composure.

Tony’s little lady knows something about tugging herself up by her bootstraps after life gives her one of its little body checks.

Maybe that’s part of why these two look so good together.

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