Aussies Angry at Paris’ Spending

It’s hard out there for an heiress.

Paris Hilton continues her holiday travel with a last leg in Australia, where the blonde is in town with sister Nicky and BFF Britney Flickinger.

In addition to spending quality time, 27-year-old Hilton is spending some cash as well—to the chagrin of local charity heads.

World Vision Australia, an organization devoted to securing basic necessities for Third World countries, took issue with Hilton spending $140 per minute, according to Australian press, on a shopping spree in Melbourne.

“In World Vision terms, $5000 would ensure that a village of 2000 people in Africa or Asia would have clean water for the rest of their lives,” said World Vision head Tim Costello.

Pehaps Hilton will don one of her new purchases (among them halter dresses and a red one-piece bathing suit) when she hosts Melbourne’s Bongo Virus nightclub’s New Year’s Eve bash tomorrow evening.