Cute Looks Vs. Huh?

It’s that time of the week again! The past seven days were filled with a variety of outfits worn by favorite (and not-so-favorite) stars. Celebuzz brings out the best and the worst in the newest edition of Cute Looks Vs. Huh?

Last week brought us the season finale party for the ever-so-popular fourth season of The Hills. The cast came out in full force!

Lauren Bosworth made one of her best red carpet appearances to date, wearing a high-waisted yellow skirt and a darling mini-top! She looked stunning!

Heidi Montag, a/k/a Mrs Spencer Pratt, showed off her most valuable assets in a tight and short black mini dress. Spencer must have picked this one out. No woman in her right mind would be caught wearing something so skimpy, especially in the middle of Winter in New York!

Check out our full gallery of other stars in their gear from the past week and judge for yourself!

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