Kevin & Kyra’a Bacon Lost by Madoff

It’s a little less than six degrees of separation for Kevin Bacon and his investment cash—he and wife Kyra Sedgwick have been named the latest victim of scandalous money man Bernard Madoff.

The Huffington Post confirms with 50-year-old Bacon’s publicist Allen Eichhorn that the couple indeed invested with the disgraced Madoff, jailed on December 11 for fronting a Ponzi scheme that claimed the likes of director Stephen Spielberg and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Bacon’s rep would not elaborate on precisely how much money the couple has lost, yet Madoff’s entire scheme is said to have cost participants around $50 billion.

Sedgwick, 43, is nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in TNT’s The Closer, and will hit the carpet with her husband when the ceremony airs live from Los Angeles on January 11, 2009.