Robert Pattinson: Heath Ledger Is No Laughing Matter

Twilight’s lead vampire Robert Pattinson doesn’t just play a hero on the big screen.  Fans of the movie delighted in Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, stepping in to save non-vampire Bella from certain destruction. If she were immortal, her gratitude would be eternal.

And if the ghost of Heath Ledger was wafting through the rafters of Hollywood’s Improv comedy club recently, then Heath’s gratitude to 22-year-old Rpattz will be spread all the way up into heaven.

Pattinson showed his real-world valiant character, according to Us, when a local funnyman did his “impersonation” of the late Dark Knight Joker.

“The comedian on stage is said to have simulated Heath convulsing on the floor—in reference to the alleged overdose he took in January earlier this year. Robert and his pals immediately began booing and yelling at the distasteful routine. Onlookers say the boys shouted, ‘F**k you! You suck! Leave Heath Ledger alone!'”

Ledger’s untimely death was deeply felt within the acting community.  British Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis famously choked up while discussing the tragic passing with Oprah Winfrey, and sentiment is strong that Heath will receive an Oscar nomination for his riveting and surprisingly multifaceted portrayal of the Joker.

It’s not the last laugh Ledger’s family and loved ones would have hoped for, but these accolades should give pause to any so-called funnymen who want to mock such a sad departure.