Transformers 2: Get the Pictures

Fans of giant robots that masquerade as hot-looking cars—and fans of hot-looking stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox—still have half a year of re-playing their old Transformers DVD before a fresh helping of mechanical mayhem and tasty flesh comes from director Michael Bay.

The original blockbuster’s followup epic, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, isn’t due to jam multiplexes until June 26, 2009.  But a taste for what is to come has been leaked to the Internet: This gallery of gripping on-set stills is must-see material for all Transformers faithful.  And also for anyone who appreciates the hotness of Shia and his Fox all sweaty and on the run.

Apparently, Shia’s truck-crash hand injury has been worked into the wardrobe: Even the dude’s bandage looks hot.  Check to see if the hand is bandaged in this sneak video from the shooting!

The hand seems to be fine here.  And all of Megan Fox’s movable parts seem to be working as well.  This all bodes well for Revenge of the Fallen!