VIDEO: Cam Gigandet Skirts the Issue

VIDEO: Cam Gigandet Skirts the Issue-photo

Is noted pain junkie Cam Gigandet attempting to get his fix by cross-dressing in public and tempting the wrath of hooligans?

The 26-year-old Twilight star—who plays "tracker" vampire James in the hit flick based on the Stephenie Meyer novel—was doing a little shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Monday, carrying the most manly man purse and decked out in what appeared to be a skirt.

Well, okay; it was a kilt. Which is brave considering that "Cam Gigandet" doesn't exactly sound like a Scottish name and Beverly Hills is a long way from Glasgow. Check out the video below:

Gigandet's latest flick, the horror/thriller offering The Unborn, hits theaters on January 9. Maybe the actor was drumming up advance business for the film by giving a vicarious skirt thrill to the general population.

Either that, or he's bucking for a role in Braveheart 2: Bare-Ass Boogaloo. Hey, a guy with a career as precarious as an actor's needs to do anything he can to keep the roles coming in.



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