Morning Frills #126: 'Perry Nice' Edition

Morning Frills #126: 'Perry Nice' Edition-photo

Katy Perry's talents don't stop with her singing abilities.

The 24-year-old "I Kissed a Girl" warbler has endured a lot of rumors about the authenticity of her curves.

Being a woman of the people, the singer allowed the people to decide by stripping down to a bikini and prancing around on the beach in Mexico over her Christmas vacation.

The verdict? God-given or surgically enabled, Katy Perry's 34DD upper unit is pretty spectacular. No wonder people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a plaster replica of it.

It's just a marvel that, with attributes like that, Perry manages to fall flat so often.

When she wasn't making onlookers' jaws drop with her bikini-clad form, Perry relaxed by reading a biography about her mentor Madonna. Hopefully Perry's physique won't follow Madge's example and start to resemble that of a Ukrainian weight lifter.

But if that dark day ever comes, at least we'll always have this gallery of sexy Katy Perry photos to fall back on.



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