Pam Anderson Turns Over a New Leaf

Surprises are one thing that maturing bombshell Pamela Anderson has never run out of.  In 2008 alone, the 41-year-old mother of two:

Each of these events, in its own way, caught someone off guard. Pammy was perhaps just as surprised as anyone else.

Pam’s more predictable antics for the year included:

But for 2009, the world must prepare to see an all-new Pam. Witness here the fresh incarnation of Pam Anderson as a woman of modesty.

Pamela is seen on the beach of Malibu, California, with her son Dylan and a group of his surfer tyke friends.

The Playboy Playmate of the Month for February 1990 kicks along the shore line.  She’s dressed almost demurely in a form-fitting white top and classic Levi jeans. She bends to spread her towel on the sand.  She walks along, scanning the waves.

And, odd as it may seem, she somehow looks hotter than she has in all of 2008.

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