Courtney Love: Creeping Up on the Kardashians

Looks like Courtney Love started 2009 pretty much where she left off in 2008—lashing out at the Kardashian family via her MySpace blog.

The 44-year-old supposedly retired musician and obsessive celebrity blogger spent Christmas eve crafting a rambling online attack on Rob Kardashian.  She issued another incoherent blast on New Year’s Day, aimed at Kim and Khloe Kardashian, perplexingly titled, “peta etc whose that girl with the big boobies?/RICO statutes.”

The rant [typos and grammatical errors preserved for flavor] begins, “is that ‘kim kardashian’ what does she do? does she have a boutique in Callabassas? thats a pretty ill considered move fiscally isnt it? one of my best friends the toughest mos long standing boutique owner in la, doesnt even own property, its gotta suck.”

Love goes on to repeat her earlier claim—refuted by Team Kardashian— that Rob, 23, sucker-punched one of her gay employees at Hollywood nightclub Hyde: “per Rob Jrs latent homosexuality its recieved psychiatric wisdom that anyone that homophobic AND Mysoginitsic, is on some level a repressed homosexual.”

The former Hole ma’am adds that she’s contacted a few lawyers “fron Civil Rights to Lititgation” to address the alleged hate crime.  For the time being, she’d “rather go deal with the mortgage fraud sitiuation wich has now grown to over 800,000,000 netted by the Estate Of Kurt Cobain and embezzled by a cospiracy of cpas , lawyer slash bankers and a few corrupt loan officers.”

And then it gets weird. Like, “you have to see it to believe it” weird.

Say what you want about Courtney Love; the woman’s not afraid to take a stand. Though, perhaps, at times, she should be.