Fergie’s Wedding Workout

What’s Fergie gon’ do with all that junk?

If the 33-year-old singer has her way, she’ll be getting rid of a bunch of it before her January 10 wedding to Transformers actor Josh Duhamel.

The singer—born Stacy Fergusongained 13 pounds for her role as chunky prostitute Saraghina in the upcoming Daniel Day-Lewis film Nine. Now she’s rushing to remove the extra weight before her impending date with the preacher, People magazine reports.

“It’s hard, I’ve been working out every day,” the curvaceous songbird said prior to her New Year’s Eve concert at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Ferguson and Duhamel have been dating for more than four years and have been engaged since Christmas 2007, but only announced their plans to wed in Southern California next Saturday a couple of weeks ago, leaving little time for Fergie to whip herself back into wedding-dress shape.

As the clock struck midnight in Sin City, the betrothed couple were spotted swapping spit at Vegas club Lavo, where Fergie was hosting the countdown ceremony.

While that’s one way to burn off calories, Fergie’s workout regimen is a bit more comprehensive: “A lot of hiking and doing a bunch of sit-ups, working my butt off and just, you know, try to maintain and stay healthy,” Fergie reveals.

Hopefully, the singer is drinking plenty of fluids to keep herself hydrated during the workouts. Within reason, of course.