George Clooney Rises to Paris Hilton’s Level?

Although he cannot be faulted for his taste in cocktail waitresses and for snuggling back up with an ex, 47-year-old Burn After Reading actor George Clooney may want to consider another break from dating if the latest speculation about his love life turns out to be true.

Snoops for Life&Style magazine are claiming that People’s constant candidate for sexiest man alive may have a thing for 27-year-old heiress and sex-tape star Paris Hilton. According to the magazine, the cleft-chinned leading man and the wonk-eyed Simple Life star were spotted way back on December 20 seated together at Hollywood institution Dan Tana’s.

However, due to the presence of director Ridley Scott, Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel and Paris’ BFF winner Brittany Flickinger, witnesses assumed the get-together was a business meeting held to cook up some absurd new reality show.

Now, new whispers have come in, claiming that Clooney and Hilton enjoyed a far more-intimate evening the night before in the Whiskey Bar at the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood.

Seriously, why can’t two highly sexed, single celebrities spend some time tossing back alcoholic beverages in an establishment known for renting bedrooms without people jumping to conclusions?

And anyway, what would be so wrong with George dating Paris?  She has a lot to offer an older man.  Leave your feelings in comments.