Heather Locklear: Goodbye DUI, Hello ‘Melrose Place’?

Heather Locklear should probably buy a lottery ticket, because her luck is running pretty hot so far this year.

TMZ reports that the DUI charges against the 47-year-old actress stemming from a September 2008 arrest in Montecito, California, have been dismissed.

Locklear was suspected of driving under the influence of a controlled substance at the time. Though blood tests did show prescription drugs in her system, the troubled thespian—who underwent treatment in an Arizona rehab facility in June—pleaded no contest to a mere reckless-driving charge. In exchange, she’ll be placed on three years informal probation, pay a $700 fine, and attend a mandatory 12-hour drug-education course.

Locklear’s attorney in the matter, Blair Berk, has worked similar wonders in the past for such celebrities as Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Mackenzie Phillips.

Heather has reason to celebrate outside of the courtroom, too; according to  E! Online, she’s being heavily wooed to reprise her role as Amanda Woodward in the upcoming Melrose Place revamp.

“The CW is courting Heather Locklear,” says a source. “I don’t think anyone else from the original has been approached yet.”

Good luck on the comeback trail, Heather! But, uh, if the network offers you a driver, by all means accept.