Lindsay Lohan’s Teeny Weeny Black Bikini

A solo Lindsay Lohan, 22, spent New Year’s Eve Day resting up for her party that night by taking a relaxing stroll on a Miami beach, and got some unexpected affection from her youngest fan.

Lindsay was touched when a little boy in Spider-man trunks ran up to give her a kiss and a hug.

Lohan was sporting a black bikini with gold chains that her 31-year-old girlfriend Samantha Ronson reportedly helped her pick out days earlier.

Lindsay could probably use the affection. Despite the new bikini and their apparent closeness while hosting a New Years Eve party at Miami’s Mansion, Lohan and lover Ronson had a gigantic argument in Miami International Airport while on their way back to Los Angeles.

These two can’t seem to find a happy medium between blissful love and bawling and brawling.

The spat started in the American Airlines Admirals Club, and came complete with tears.

The fight was so brutal that Lohan was still crying when she boarded the flight. Flight attendants were said to have asked her if she needed to disembark.

Flying the emotional skies!