Miley Cyrus’ Fierce Resolve

As a girl who has pretty much everything—including her own private jet—it wouldn’t seem that Miley Cyrus could do much to improve her life in the coming year.

But the 16-year-old entertainment wunderkind didn’t get where she is now by not thinking ahead. So when the paps asked her about her New Year’s resolution on Friday, Miley of course had an answer.

Surprisingly, it didn’t involve distancing herself from her occasionally creepy dad.

So how will perfection get even more perfect over the next 12 months? Check out the video (courtesy of below!!!!!!

Eat healthy and exercise more, eh? Well, the latter should be easy with such an awesome workout partner to rely on. As for a healthier diet, Miley already seems to have a decent grip on that: Eat anything you want, just don’t let any of it get in your mouth.

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