Morning Frills #127: ‘Happily After Eva’ Edition

Never mind Baby New Year. When it comes to a half-naked symbol to usher in another change of the calendar, most sane people will take Eva Longoria Parker hands-down.

The 33-year-old Desperate Housewives vixen graces the latest issue of Glamour with a clothing-averse inside photo-spread that truly puts the “happy” in “Happy New Year.” 

But Eva’s mouth is good for something besides pouting seductively. The woman who plays Gabrielle Solis also fires off on a number of topics in the accompanying interview.

On the persistent pregnancy rumors that have plagued her:  “I’ve been pregnant since last spring with triplets. No, if I were pregnant [when the tabloids said I was], I’d have had the child many times over.”

On advice for the lovelorn ladies of the world: “Be out there, date. Just get out there and meet people. I think sometimes women are stuck in a type. I’ve never dated the same type. I fall in love with personalities, and they come in different packages.”

On her husband, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker: “Tony is very romantic, full of surprises—he’s the surprise king. But whether it’s a surprise party or a sweet note he leaves in my bag, for me it weighs the same.”

On balancing her career and her marriage: “I want it all. It’ OK if you don’t. If I were single and had my career, I’d be happy. You have to be happy with what you’re doing.”

Speaking of being happy with what you’re doing, click through our gallery of sexy Eva Longoria Parker photos. But try to pull yourself away from them before 2010 rolls around.