Rick Salomon Accused of Brutality, Conspiracy

After the March 2008 annulment of his marriage to Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon has popped up in headlines again for something far more controversial than failing to uphold his wedding vows.

A suit filed last week in Los Angeles has pinned the 40-year-old hanger-on and his roommate with brutality charges, according to TMZ.

Gertrude Harutunian is an alleged victim of a conspiracy to “hurt and injure” at a party said to be thrown last July at the Hollywood Hills residence Salomon shares with roomie Buddy Segal.

Harutunian claims she was invited to the soiree where narcotics like cocaine, meth and marijuana were “freely given out,” fueling Segal into a fit of rage.

She claims Segal dragged her by the hair off of a bed, proceeded to strike and hit her before throwing her across the room and into a shower, all while Salomon watched.

Haruntunian’s requested damages are undisclosed.

Salomon was first famous for dating and marrying Beverly Hills: 90210 starlet Shannen Doherty.  After their marriage was annulled (a theme?), Rick became infamous as Paris Hilton’s costar and distributor of the heiress’s 2004 sex tape, 1 Night in Paris.

TMZ points out an interesting correlation with Salomon’s current residence—it happens to be the same property where the only recorded incident of domestic violence between OJ Simpson and his brutally murdered wife Nicole Brown Simpson occurred.