Sean Combs Tries To Mooch an Obama Freebie

Just when you thought 39-year-old musical mogul Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is quite the generous guy, reports surface that he might be erring on the cheap-side, after all.

Page Six notes that both sexy cougar Sharon Stone and hot mom Halle Berry have shelled out $50K a piece to attend President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration party on January 20.

But apparently big-bucks Puffy isn’t having any of that, says a Page Six source.

“It’s hilarious,” says the site’s insider. “Sean Combs is trying to get four tickets to the inauguration. He’s acting like it’s a party at Bungalow 8, like they should just let him in. He’s too cheap to pay and thinks he can just show up.”

Combs may have the power to bounce the lead singer of a manufactured girl group out of the band, but trying to scam $200,000 worth of tickets to Obama’s swearing-in ceremony?

What does he think this is, a Madonna concert? Even Madge wouldn’t put up with Diddy’s ticket-grubbing shenanigans!

“She’s a businesswoman and sees her shows as work, not a party for all of her friends,” a source close to her tour told OK! magazine in the summer.

And for Obama, from here on out, it’s all work.