Shia LaBeouf Suffers a Beakdown

Dexterity-challenged Shia LaBeouf ended 2008 on the lousiest note possible—by having to jumpstart his car’s battery.

LaBeouf, 22, parked his fire-engine red classic auto outside a Hollywood studio while he took a meeting on Tuesday. The actor later stepped back outside only to discover that his ride was out of juice.

The previous year proved to be a trying one for the Eagle Eye heartthrob. Shia was involved in a dangerous vehicular accident in July, after which he initially faced DUI charges.

In the car with him at the time was Isabel Lucas, who was in a relationship with Entourage star Adrian Grenier.

After being busted in more ways than one, LaBeouf was left with a seriously-injured hand while Lucas, 23, got dumped by Grenier, 32.

Shia openly discussed his issues with alcohol in Details’ September issue. Drunk driving charges against him were dropped the same month, due to insufficient evidence.

But while he was able to continue filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with his injury, the less-than-adroit actor was dropped from the Neal Burger thriller Dark Fields because of it.

Hopefully Shia can administer just as much jolt to his career in 2009 as he was able to do with his car the other day.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is slated for a June 26 release.