Ashley Olsen: No Acting For Now

Looks like Mary-Kate Olsen is the only actress in the family—for now.

In a recent interview with twin sis Ashley Olsen, the blonde revealed she’ll be focusing on developing the pair’s fashion empire.

“I like building brands, so for me it’s building the brands that my sister and I are working on, which are Elizabeth and James, and the Row. Once I have more time, then I’ll start looking at what else I’d like to do,” Olsen tells The Boston Globe.

“There’s obviously a lot of things I want to do, study, and continue learning about. But right now…I don’t have time to be stepping away to work on a movie,” she said.

Olsen, 22, also clarifies her involvement with actual fashion design, saying “we have a very small team, so we’re as involved as anyone can get. We’re working on it everyday.”

And for Mary-Kate’s part, it’s “up and down. It depends on our schedules, it depends on what we’re focusing on at the moment.”

She goes on to admit she’s been “a little more involved in the Row.”

Ashley’s last on-screen work was in 2004’s New York Minute, a hopeful resurgence for the twins’ wildly popular franchise. When the film failed to catch on, the sisters pursued other money-making projects under their company Dualstar.

Mary-Kate has been more active as a thespian lately, with appearances on Showtime’s Weeds and as Sir Ben Kingley’s lover in the indie The Wackness.