Jett Travolta’s Death: Police Disagree With Family on Timeline

Police in the Bahamas are disagreeing with John Travolta’s staff in the wake of the New Year’s Day death of his son Jett, 16, at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel about how long the teenager lay undiscovered in the bathroom.

Police are reporting that Jett was left alone for more than ten hours from when he was last seen heading to his bedroom at the Travolta’s vacation townhouse at 6 PM after a day of boating with his family. Jett’s nanny, Jeff Kathrein, reportedly found Jett lying on the bathroom floor at 11:30 PM, TMZ reports.

Jett Travolta, who was disabled, was nonverbal and required the use of a baby monitor and a special chime to summon his two male nannies if required.

Kathrein and the Travolta’s attorney, Michael McDermott, says that Kathrein went to the bathroom in the time span between 6 PM when Jett left the room and 11:30 PM when his body was discovered so Jett was reportedly not unattended for ten hours.

The teenager is alleged to have possibly had a seizure and struck his head, which could have caused his death. McDermott also reports that Jett was known to sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day so him not being present for a long period of time would not have been unusual.

The official cause of death will be reported by the coroner on Monday.

Their attorney reports that Jett’s parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston have “stopped crying long enough last night to try to write a press statement, which they haven’t finished.”