Angelina Jolie Shakes Up ‘Salt’

Angelia Jolie has taken over Tom Cruise’s role in the spy thriller Edwin A. Salt, and now she’s allegedly running roughshod over the Phillip Noyce-directed film.

Jolie (seen here at the premiere of her Changeling director and pal Clint Eastwood’s flick Gran Torino in early December) has reportedly gotten the name of the flick changed to reflect the new gender of her character not once but twice.

Edwin A. Salt has become Edwina A. Salt has become Evelyn A. Salt. Good choice, Angelina can’t play an Edwina! Too derivative of the masculine.

Jolie, 33 and one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, will play a CIA agent that goes on the lam after being accused of being a Russian sleeper agent.

The Daily Mail also reports that Jolie wants rewrites of the screenplay by Oscar-winning screenwriter Brian Helgeland.

“Angelina is determined to make sweeping changes before filming starts.” a source says. “She’s demanding the writers improve the dialogue before she sets foot on set.”

Jolie is said to want the film to be the start of a franchise, almost like a female version of the Bourne series that Matt Damon stars in.

Well, if anyone can pull off gun-totin’ female ass-kickin’, it’s Mama Angie. It’s kind of her default mode (Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted).