Kate Moss: Bandage, Breasts, Baby?

Supermodel and Versace 2009 Resort campaign face Kate Moss, 34, enjoyed a beer on Surin Beach in Thailand with her boyfriend (and possible blazer inspiration), Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, 39, and Kate’s daughter Lila Grace, 6.

Moss appeared to be having a lovely afternoon, despite sporting a bandage on her right hand and speculation in the London press that her Versace campaign resorted to some serious airbrushing on her Mario Testino photographs.

Moss has been referred to as “almost unrecognisable” in the pictures.

She also appears to have misplaced her bra or bathing suit top as her multimillion dollar breast peeks from the side of her beach pullover.

In another photo, Moss appears to be rubbing a slight curvature of the tummy. The Daily Mail is surmising that the supermodel might be with child via Hince—despite the cigarette in her hand.

The cause of Moss’ hand injury is unknown, but she seems to be accident prone. In October of last year, she was seen at a party with a visible lump on her left arm. And this past December, Moss and Hince showed up for a Christmas party at Stella McCartney’s shop in London’s Mayfair district with a scrape on Kate’s cheek and Hince sporting a black eye.

The couple blamed the injuries on an accident involving Christmas decorations. Oh?

“He said he was on a ladder and she was waiting at the bottom for him to pass down the boxes of decorations. But he lost his grip on one and heavy decorations landed on their heads,” a source said.

Did the New Year’s Ball drop on Kate’s hand?