Katy Perry & Travis McCoy: Love’s Hangover

Katy Perry and Travis McCoy are dealing with their breakup the old fashioned way—diving into work.

Last week, after Celebuzz learned the musical pair had split, sources now tell us that Perry is intensely focused on touring.

“She’s throwing everything into rehearsal,” the source says of prep for the 24-year-old’s first world tour, kicking off January 23 in Seattle, Washington.

Meanwhile, McCoy posted an interview today on his Friends or Enemies blog, detailing his upcoming appearances as well as his newfound working relationship with rapper T-Pain.

While Katy’s remained mum on all official and personal blog fronts, it seems 27-year-old McCoy is making a bit of a production out of saying nothing.

In the interview clip posted, just before signing off, McCoy is asked if he wants to send shout-outs to anyone.

After rattling off a few names, the Gym Class Heroes singer says “And I would give a shout out to a couple other people, but I’m not going to do that.”

And watch out for the choice hand gesture to go with it (at 4:36):


As you can see, McCoy polishes the sentiment off with a middle finger.

The pair dated for almost two years, reports say, sometimes on, sometimes off.