Patricia Arquette Divorcing Thomas Jane

Medium star Patricia Arquette has filed for divorce from her husband of two and a half years, actor Thomas Jane.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Arquette processed papers in Los Angeles on Monday requesting full custody of their five-year-old daughter Harlow Olivia Calliope.

The 40-year-old indicated she wishes for Jane to have visitation and declined spousal support, as well as requesting she pay none to him.

The pair reportedly became engaged in 2002 after a year-long courtship, tying the knot in the summer of 2006.

Thomas had a high-profile arrest for piloting his Maserati at 125 mph while drunk in March 2008.

Arquette was previously married to actor Nicolas CagePunisher star Jane, 39, (previously married to Aysha Hauer, daughter of actor Rutger Hauer) leaves behind in-laws Rosanna and David Arquette.