Sharon Osbourne Has No ‘Love’ for Megan Hauserman

Ladies and gentlemen, you really don’t wanna tempt the wrath of Sharon Osbourne.

Of course, this is something 27-year-old Rock of Love: Charm School contestant Megan Hauserman learned the hard, hair-yanking, bi*ch-slapping way.

After appearing on reality TV shows such as Beauty and the Geek, I Love Money and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Hauserman was a contestant on VH1’s Osbourne-hosted Rock of Love: Charm School.

In the reunion special, which aired Sunday night, Osbourne, 56, adopted a royal demeanor and told the bikini-clad Hauserman, “I do not think you should be allowed to breed, my dear. I think that one of you is enough for any country.” (The blonde beauty, meanwhile, is getting her own spinoff series titled Trophy Wife.)

Megan then insulted the Osbournes matron by making a majorly bleeped-out comment about Sharon’s husband, Ozzy.

Bad move, Meg. Sharon picked up a drink and dumped it all over her younger opponent. Catch the mayhem in the clip below:

TMZ reports that the version of the fight that aired on VH1 was edited, and doesn’t show Sharon ripping at Hauserman’s hair extensions, as the blonde alleges happened in a police report filed last month.

Megan is also said to have made a trip to the hospital the day after the reunion fracas occurred.

Geez, with all the drama surrounding her, would you want Megan Hauserman as your trophy wife?