Verne Troyer Ex-Wife Tells All

Verne Troyer Ex-Wife Tells All-photo

For a little fella, Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer, who stands 2' 8" tall, has endured a big man's share of personal indignity in the past year.

First, back in September 2008, a sex tape of 39-year-old Verne and his much younger and taller girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, became available for purchase over the Internet. Troyer sued to have the tape removed from any websites that carried it, but the damage had been done.

In the wake of that shame, Verne filed a lawsuit against Ranae claiming $20 million in damages for emotional terrorism and battery following revelations that she had nearly drowned him in the bathtub during sex

Next, at the end of September, Verne's rebound date, Canadian model Dominique Arganes, turned out to be a little fella fetishist who had been two-timing Troyer with Jackass small guy Wee Man.

Now, as 2009 begins, Verne's ex wife, Genevieve Gallen, has gone to News of the World (via Celebitchy)



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  • no name, no city
    no name, no city

    I've never met Elena so I don't know what she's like as a person, but as far as looks go...Arf! They say love is blind & her hubby must be!

  • A friend
    A friend

    I cannot believe you are speaking of the same Elena Fondacaro that I know. She is nothing but a kind and giving person who will help anyone that needs it. She has given to various charities is a huge animal lover and volunteers for various causes. It seems to me that you all have a vendetta or grudge that you are holding against her. Get over it!

  • Jennifer

    Midget is not a proper term and is very insulting to use to the little people Now , as far as Elena is concerned, she is a scumbag who has a history of cheating on her spouses so it comes as no surprise that she is a cheating tramp!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Man, I know Elena and her husband (looks like a real life troll) They live in Lake View Terrace and Verne comes to buy alchohol a lot and spills the beans about his manager Elena and how she pimps him out to do jobs so she can get his money. She is ugly as all hell. She looks like a bulldog in the face and has a squatty little body. She is disgusting and a very cheap tipper.

  • Patrick Lanima
    Patrick Lanima

    Hey Genevive, Did you meet Verne’s manager Elena Fondacaro? He lives in her guest house and from internet rumors, it appears she is sleeping with him behind her husbands back. Elena is a midget, and so is her husband. From what I read, she was also once married and cheated on that man with her current midget man. What a slutty little mc slut.