Verne Troyer Ex-Wife Tells All

For a little fella, Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer, who stands 2′ 8″ tall, has endured a big man’s share of personal indignity in the past year.

First, back in September 2008, a sex tape of 39-year-old Verne and his much younger and taller girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, became available for purchase over the Internet. Troyer sued to have the tape removed from any websites that carried it, but the damage had been done.

In the wake of that shame, Verne filed a lawsuit against Ranae claiming $20 million in damages for emotional terrorism and battery following revelations that she had nearly drowned him in the bathtub during sex

Next, at the end of September, Verne’s rebound date, Canadian model Dominique Arganes, turned out to be a little fella fetishist who had been two-timing Troyer with Jackass small guy Wee Man.

Now, as 2009 begins, Verne’s ex wife, Genevieve Gallen, has gone to News of the World (via Celebitchy)