Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson: ‘Bride’ and Groom?

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson premiered their new chick-flick comedy Bride Wars at the AMC Lowes in Lincoln Square, New York City, last night.  The actresses appear to have decided who is the bride and who is the groom in their comedic pairing.

Hudson, 29, made a dramatic entrance on the blue carpet (something blue, weddings, get it?) in a geometrically patterned Oscar De La Renta dress. Hathaway opted for a simple black pantsuit. Did they decide this beforehand? Will the recently auctioned off for charity Hathaway, 26, get to wear a striking dress for the Los Angeles premiere?

The two stars portray lifelong best friends who discover that NYC’s Plaza Hotel has double-booked their wedding receptions. Naturally, they engage in a dirty tricks-filled catfight to see who gets to keep their wedding date there.

The single and seemingly staying that way Hudson recently told The Chicago Sun-Times that her mother, veteran actress Goldie Hawn, taught her a lesson about the importance of female friendships over other less vital things. Like men.

“A few years ago we had a bridal shower for my sister-in-law,” Hudson says. “My mom made a speech that I’ll never forget. She said, ‘I want all of you girls to look around the room. Even if you don’t know the woman next to you or if it’s your sister, I want you to remember one thing: Men, they come and go. They will hopefully stay, but you never know. But that girl sitting next to you will get you through everything.’

“The point is that women give a lot to men,” Hudson says. “We thrive in relationships. But sometimes you lose sight of the girls who are there for you all the time.”

Kate means girls who will be there for you by letting you wear the stunning dress, while they dutifully wear the pantsuit.