Charlize Theron

Is Charlize Theron trying to get her boyfriend Stuart Townshend to break up with her?

The Daily Mail reports that Theron, 33—who starred in 36-year-old Townshend’s recent directorial debut, Battle in Seattle—had a falling out with her beau during their New Year’s getaway in Tulum, Mexico—and then left him holding the bag after she unleashed her wrath on the hotel’s staff.

The couple apparently spent most of the trip apart, with Theron taking power yoga classes and playing golf while Townshend kicked back on the beach. But that didn’t stop Charlize from inflicting a bit of misery on her beau with her diva-esque behavior toward the employees of the exclusive Casa de Miel hotel.

“She kicked off a few times and Stuart took the brunt of it all and didn’t look very happy,” reports a spy for the paper. “She began shouting about the lights not coming on in her room and was heard complaining about the water not being hot enough.”

The water complaint seems particularly petty, since by her own account Theron isn’t even all that fond of bathing.

Townshend and Theron returned to Los Angeles on Monday, leaving behind a cloud of conjecture about their future together as a couple.

If this isn’t a ploy by Charlize to send Townshend fleeing, the couple should probably