Courtney Love Ran Away From the Circus

Someone call the Ringling Bros. folks; it looks like one of their acts escaped and is currently roaming wild in Malibu.

Oh no, wait; that’s just Courtney Love, proving that she still has the ability to shock and awe with her unique fashion sense.

The 44-year-old retired musician and budding cyber-stalker went on a shopping spree with a (possibly court-ordered) male escort in Malibu on Sunday.  The former Hole singer rang in the new year in a bizarre, raggedy ensemble that pretty much defies description beyond “scary.” What was her resolution, to give each and every child in southern California nightmares that will haunt them for the rest of their lives?

Courtney’s ongoing latest project is a new album, tentatively titled “Nobody’s Daughter.”  The disc has reportedly (reported by no less reputable a source than Love’s own blog) received $30 million in sponsorship from a range of corporate concerns, including a “well-known tequila brand” and a “prominent hygiene and menstrual company.”

So, will the first single be titled “Booze and Tampons”?

Somewhere, Kurt Cobain is looking on and smiling. Who wouldn’t smile, knowing that he didn’t have to deal with this thing anymore?